Auto Approved Referral Program

We’re offering you a great incentive to tell your friends about you experience with Auto Approved. When you let us know that you’ve told a friend about our dealership and they buy from us, we’ll send you $500. Our referral program is easy–it takes less than 60 seconds, and it will help your friends and family get a great price on the perfect new vehicle when they shop with Auto Approved. Here’s how to take advantage of this offer, and get some easy money in exchange.

How To Refer Your Friends

We have 2 METHODS for you to provide a Referral to your Co-Workers, Family Members & Friends!


Write your Name & Phone Number on the back of one of our cards you hand out. When the referral comes into our office with the card, we will exchange it for a fresh card, and contact you for your Address to send the Referral Payment upon validation of a purchase within 2 weeks!

If you prefer an electronic paper trail, please fill out the form below for your Referral!


Before your friend or family member comes to shop with us for the first time, follow these steps to make sure you’re rewarded for your business!

  1. Fill out our form below.
  2. Give us the Name & Contact information of the person you’re referring.
  3. Be sure to include Your Address so that we know where to send the money.
  4. Hit submit, and you’ll receive your Referral Payment within two weeks of validation of the purchase!

    Earn $500 For Referrals

    Our Way of Saying Thank You!

    We always appreciate when our customers share their experiences with other car shoppers. If you refer someone to us, we want to thank you! That’s why we make it as easy as possible to get rewarded for your business.

    FAQs on Our Referral Program

    No, referrals are for new customers only.

    Of course! You can refer as many friends, co-workers of family members as you can, and we’ll keep sending $500 your way for each.

    Submit referrals 24 hours in advance of first contact. Meaning 24 hours prior to them walking into our store, or 24 hours before our sales staff contacts them naming you as our reference.

    Sorry, no after-the-fact referrals. Referrals must be submitted BEFORE a new customer visits the store or buys from us! This helps us keep this program fair for all.

    Reach out to our sales manager for any other questions you may have on our referral program. We always love when our customers have an experience good enough to share. If you have someone to refer, we’d love to say thanks! Tell a friend, let us know and get rewarded today.



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